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Five Whys Template

Five Whys Template

Uncover deeper reasons behind your problems and challenges

The "5 Whys" is a simple yet powerful method for root cause analysis. By asking "Why?" five times in response to a problem, you delve deeper into the underlying causes, moving beyond superficial reasons. This method originated in the 1950s at Toyota as part of its manufacturing process and quickly became a cornerstone of problem-solving.  The 5 Whys Template guides you through each "Why" question, encouraging a thorough exploration of the problem. You'll identify the initial issue, then progressively explore deeper layers of causes, leading to the root cause. 

Top Benefits:

  • Insightful: Reveals underlying causes of problems and challenges.

  • Simple and Effective: Easy to follow, with profound potential insights.

  • Personal Growth: Aids in recognizing and breaking unhelpful patterns.

This activity is particularly helpful when you: 

encounter repetitive issues in personal or professional areas

feel stuck on a particular issue or problem

recognize the need for change but are uncertain about what specifically needs altering

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