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Strengths Discovery Worksheet

Strengths Discovery Worksheet

Explore your positive qualities, skills, and talents

The Strengths Discovery Worksheet is designed to help you identify and appreciate your unique abilities, skills, and experiences. It consists of a series of prompts that guide you to reflect on activities you enjoy, your proudest accomplishments, positive feedback you've received, and life experiences that have shaped you. It contains prompts to help you reflect on moments when your strengths were in action, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of your unique abilities.

Top benefits:

  • Self-Awareness: Enhances understanding of personal strengths and talents

  • Motivational: Encourages appreciation of one's unique journey and abilities

  • Reflective: Offers a structured approach to introspection and self-discovery

This activity is particularly helpful when you: 

want to boost your self-confidence and self-awareness

need motivation or inspiration to pursue your long-term goals and dreams

feel stuck on a particular issue or problem

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